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SCM Speed Control Module

Speed Control Module is control module for 2-3 digit 7-segment speed display. System is equipped with back light LCD-screen and five control buttons. Easy to read menu structure allows straightforward programming of all functions needed in most speed display and data collection applications.


Control system will relay digit information up to three digits where first digit is limited to number “1”. Alternatively system can control two digits and e.g.” SLOW DOWN” text which are triggered when preset speed limit is exceeded. Since radar is programmable as well, there are numerous combinations to meet most demanding requirements.

Automatic brightness control adjusts digit brightness to suite various lightning conditions. This function is extremely useful in battery powered systems, by saving power extending operation time significantly.

System will flash digits few times, when preset speed limit is exceeded. To drop out extreme speed violations, display will show nothing or middle lines in both segments when preset cut off limit is exceeded.

Integrated data collection function allows to gather up to 100 000 samples with date and time information. Optional GSM/GPRS –data function allows wireless data transfer over GSM-data as well. Our intelligent data filter function allows gathering speed, date and time information from both directions, while speed display shows speeds only to approaching drivers.

Functions can be added later and system can be updated with firmware updates. This extends lifetime of end product and brings added value for end user as well. This is extremely useful sales argument when SCS is used as a part of end product. This brings also repetitive sales when software updates can be sold years to come. System can be updated to relay gathered data over internet servers etc. later on.

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