Latvia uses technology created by Decatur Electronics

Riga, LATVIA - The State Police of the Republic of Latvia purchased and installed more than 100 Decatur Electronics Genesis II Select radars in selected Latvian law enforcement vehicles in preparation for the recent NATO summit in Riga.

The small, easy to use radar was selected over many competitors for use in the agency's Volvo and Hyundai cars, integrating with the cars' computer enforcement system.

"We're proud to partner with Latvia," said Greg Pollock, Decatur Electronic's International Sales Manager. "We did everything we could to get the units delivered in time for the NATO summit. They were so impressed with our product's performance and Decatur's service that they have committed to placing radar in more of their vehicles." The Latvija Policia, in their efforts to ensure the safety of NATO representatives, rolled out their new line of Genesis-equipped vehicles before the summit started on November 28th.

The Latvian State Police added the Genesis II Select to their speed enforcement efforts to ensure the safety of NATO representatives during the Nov. 28 summit that brought many world leaders, including U.S. President George W. Bush, to the northeastern European country.

The cooperative effort between Decatur and Latvia is a natural match, according to Juhana Erelä, Decatur Europe's Sales Manager.

"The computer system used in these new cars is very innovative," he said. "The Latvian government found the Genesis II to be the best fit for a system of this caliber."

Decatur Electronics has created innovative products for law enforcement over 50 years, including the first radar specifically designed to meet the needs of police officers in the 1950s.

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